Annika Elstermann 

Gaynachten - Adventengel

24 erotische Kurzgeschichten versüßen die Zeit bis zum eigenen Weihnachtsgeschenk: mit unfreiwilligen Outings, wilden Liebesorgien, unartigen Feiertagen, intensiven Ferien oder lustvollen Weihnachtsfeiern. Ein hartes bis zartes Lesevergnügen zum Verschenken, Alleinlesen oder Gemeinsam-Genießen.

  • ca. 240 Seiten

  • 1. Auflage

  • ISBN: 978-3-96000-163-8

14,90 €

Too Broke For Afterlife

After dying from alcohol poisoning, 22 year old Parker Jones finds himself in the head quarters of Afterlife Ltd. - the company that takes the dead to Heaven or Hell. Although Parker is eligible for salvation, the cold-hearted and egocentric Gen Z-ler doesn't have enough karma to buy the mandatory travel pass. 
Parker is sent back to Earth as a ghost to earn the needed points. His mission? Become a likeable and helpful person with enough karma so he can finally go to Heaven. 
But one buggy app later and suddenly his soul gets trapped inside the defect robot "Isabella" - a revenge hungry milf with way too much ass and attitude. Holding Parker hostage, she goes on a mission to not only seduce the cute chanteuse but also track down and avenge the person who ruined her life. 
The two form an unlikely alliance but of course, peace doesn't last for long. 
Hell is rising, humanity is in danger and together with a seal fanatic, a paranoid tech freak and a red-headed badass, the duo has to save Earth from Satan himself. 
Sounds epic, right? Well, there is just one tiny problem. 
How do you kill something that is already dead?